Frequently asked questions

  How much do sessions cost and how long are they?

Initial session and consultation (75mins) £40

Individual Counselling (50mins) £40
Couple Counselling (50mins) £60
Reduced rate (50mins) £35 (for students and people on low income)

What about cancellations?

I realise that unexpected situations, illnesses or emergencies can occur and this may mean that you are unable to make your session. Please let me know as soon as you can if you are not able to attend.

If you do not show up for your session without prior notification, I will still charge you half the full amount for the missed session.

Where do we meet? 

We meet in a quiet, comfortable room in a non-clinical environment, where we can work together in an accepting, non-judgmental and empathetic space.

How long does therapy last?

There is no set time and the length of the therapy process will depend on the type of difficulty you are facing, so we can review as we go along how many sessions you have. When we start seeing each other we can agree an initial number and then review how things are going and if you feel the sessions are helping you and you can continue with more and as many as you feel you need. It is important that you know that the decision to end therapy is entirely yours, although it is important to try and work towards some kind of planned ending together rather than finishing abruptly, so we can make proper closure, as this could be emotionally important for you.

Are our sessions confidential?

Everything that we discuss in our sessions is kept strictly confidential. I will request minimal personal data from you, such as name, address and telephone number, to provide the means of communication with you in accordance with your preferences, and I will also request details of your GP and any relevant medical history to inform our work together.

Your personal data will not be shared with any third party, although I may make notes of our sessions in a way that doesn’t identify you and, as a member of the British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy (BACP), I am required to have regular supervision and may need to discuss our work with my supervisor. A supervisor is another counsellor (also bound by the BACP Code of Ethics) that assists me with my work, helping me to work in the best way with you, but I will not disclose your name or anything that would enable you to be identified.

The data you provide me with will be securely held by me for the duration of our work together plus a further 12 months, after which it will be securely destroyed.

There may come a time when I do have to break confidentiality – if I am convinced that you intend to seriously harm yourself or others then I will need to break confidentiality by informing your GP, but this would only take place with your prior knowledge. In very rare cases I may be required to break confidentiality by law.

Who are the BACP?

The British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy is an organisation that provides clear Ethical Codes of Practice for its members, like me. This ensures that I offer a high standard of safe & professional counselling to you. For more information visit: www.bacp.co.uk/ethical_framework


I work from a ground floor, private counselling room in Orpington, which is close to both Chelsfield and Orpington stations as well as the R1 bus route and so is easily accessible by public transport or by car, for which there is on street parking available outside of my practice.

Address:  221 Repton Road




You can call me on 07538 075658 or e-mail me at primrosehousetherapy@hotmail.com 

If you need any more information or you have any concerns then please contact me for a free confidential conversation and I will happily answer any questions.